Florida Gulf Coast Beaches

Florida Gulf Coast Beaches: Here are most of the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico from the Panhandle to Naples. If you have other favs, let us know.

The Gulf Coast is the west side of Florida and has many monikers. This area has been affectionately called the Red-Neck Riviera because it is the preferred vacation site for those who live in the deep-south, especially those west of Alabama.

I grew up in Texas and Louisiana and it was a long day trip to the Panhandle for us. As a child, I thought the Panhandle was all of Florida. It was a shock in grade school when I learned there was so much more of Florida. (see About Me for more of this drivel).

In contrast,I have a friend from Chicago who spent winters in Stuart, Florida, and she didn't know the Panhandle existed.

The water is calmer on this side of the stateand while surfing is not popular here, all other water sports are plentiful.

Everyone has their own preference. For many years, snow birds would congregate on the eastern side while deep south southerners would stay on the western side. We thought those New Yorkers and other yankees talked funny and they thought we did. In fact, they could understand little of what we said.

Florida Gulf Coast Beaches - separated by areas for ease in location.

Northwest Florida

Central West Florida Southwest Florida

Note: Florida State Parks on the Gulf Coast will be added soon.

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