Florida Atlantic Coast Beaches

Florida Atlantic Coast Beaches consists
of all the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean
from Amelia Island to the Florida Keys.

The east side of Florida is known by many names. This is, of course, the famous Space Coast, the Treasure Coast (for the gold that washes up from centuries-old decaying ships at the bottom of the ocean), Florida Keys and has many other monikers.

More 'Snowbirds' flock to this side of Florida than the other to build their nests to wait out the harsh winters back home.

The first time I visited here I was a teenager and I called home to Texas and told my folks I had a new friend the same age, a 16 year old girl I met at the pool but we had trouble understanding each other. She had a New York accent and I had a Texas drawl and we seemed to speak different languages. We worked it out over lots of giggles and had a good time.

Hey surfers, come to this side with surf boards or waves boards in tow. The wind is stronger here and can really whip up the waves.

This side of Florida faces the Atlantic Ocean and there is always a strong breeze which will cool the bod even with a hot sun. Be careful, though. Sunburns can happen quickly while your skin feels cool to the touch.

Florida Atlantic Coast Beaches - separated by areas for ease in location.

Northeast Florida

Central East Florida

Southeast Florida

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