Fort Walton Beach Florida

Fort Walton Beach Florida is picture perfect with rolling white
sands and some of the largest sand dunes you will ever see.

Ft Walton Florida man-made sand dune

Sand dunes: Nature and man working together.

Gulf breezes blow the sand away from the shore. Man constructs fences to stop the blowing sand and in the process, a sand dune is created.

The sand dune keeps the sand on the beach and creates a respite from the hot sun for birds, small animals and vegetation.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that most of the sand dunes you will see in Florida are made by nature and they get to be huge. For example, see Topsail Hill State Park.

As the sand piles up against the fence, seeds get mixed in with the sand and take root and grow. Now the sand dune becomes a food source for the birds and animals.

When the seeds have taken root, the root structure grows down and across and holds the sand in place. After a while, the sand dunes are usually strong enough for the fences to be removed.

Sea Oats are commonly seen growing out of sand dunes. They are willowy stalks resembling young corn stalks. It is illegal to pull them up so enjoy them in their natural habitat.

Beach-combing is fun on Fort Walton Beach Florida. It is easy to find rare and beautiful seashells to take home and place around your house to remember your trip to this beautiful area.

For the more adventurous, come to Ft Walton Beach Florida to experience some of Florida’s best back country hiking and mountain biking here. Exert yourself and then lounge on the beach for awhile.

Temperatures remain relatively high all year round- in the 60s and 70s from November through March, picking up to the 80s and 90s from April through October.

No matter what time of year though, Fort Walton Beach Florida will welcome you with sparking blue water and pure white sand. Your feet will stay cool, due to the nature of the quartz sand and your pix will look like you are standing in snow.

Don't miss Destin Beach Florida.

Destin Florida is an extremely popular neighbor and there is a lot to do here; activities abound for all ages and fun for everyone in the family.

Great activities to try and nearby attractions:

  • One of the most frequented attractions of Fort Walton Beach is the Elgin Air Force Base, home to the US Air Force and Armament Museum.

  • This provides the family with an adventurous opportunity to explore a little bit of history while enjoying looking at many different military airplane displays, missiles and bombs.

  • Don’t miss the beauty of nearby Okaloosa Island where you can enjoy pristine beaches and spend a day of family fun on the boardwalk for shopping, an arcade for the kids and other fun activities.

  • Okaloosa Fishing Pier offers some GREAT fishing opportunities and incredible views.

Kids of most ages: Florida’s Gulfarium provides a fun family activity where you can see all kinds of typical Florida water wildlife such as dolphins, alligators, sea lions and otters as well as penguins.

This is one of the oldest marine wildlife parks in the United States today but the shows and displays are anything but old and are sure to impress those of all ages.

Eating: The moderately priced Café Tango is a homey restaurant and atmosphere that is known for its seafood, steaks and pastas.

The restaurant is very small and cozy, but the taste sensations here are very big! For a tasty breakfast, lunch… or brunch, of course, check out Big City American Bistro.

Sleeping: Enjoy a cozy stay in the Marina Motel which is great for fishermen since it overlooks the marina and is located directly across the street from the beach.

Enjoy a beautiful and comfortable stay at the Ramada Plaza Beach Resort where the kids can play in one of the amazing and scenic outdoor pool areas.

Fort Walton Beach Florida has a bit of everything. Come on down!

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