Naturism: People frequent Florida beaches for more than beautiful sand and water.

Some are looking for a place to lounge on those beaches wearing nothing but a smile and it CAN be done here in the Sunshine State.

If you are one those people who love to bare it all, you do have to be careful where you attempt this and you should always make sure that you are respectful of those who feel differently.

For example, if you are at a beach and a nearby family is throwing a birthday party for some youngsters or an anniversary party for their elderly parents, it is probably safe to assume that you, in your birthday suit, might not add the celebratory surprise expected.

In many countries, from France to Brazil, nudity on the beach is an accepted practice but in the United States, a puritanical code still thrives in many places.

Florida does have some places where you will be able to visit the beach and remove your clothing to get that all over tan that you want.

Currently, only Haulover Beach in the Miami area is the only legal clothing-optional beach. You can join many people here enjoying sunbathing and swimming nude.

Many other beaches in Florida are unofficially clothing optional, meaning some people go topless, and it doesn't usually raise much concern.

These beaches include South Beach and Hobe Sound.

The St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge, which is only accessible by boat and doesn’t get many visitors other than seabirds, is another option you might want to explore.

Whenever you are thinking about stripping out of your clothing on the other beaches, be careful. Even though most of the time the authorities are going to ignore public nudity at those beaches, you might be the exception to the rule.

If they ask you to put on your clothes, as is often the case, you should just listen and do so without putting up an argument.

If naturism is your calling, or part of your lifestyle, your first choice should probably be Haulover Beach, followed by South Beach and then seek out those deserted or sparely attended beaches located up and down both coasts.

Enjoy and don't forget to use lots of sunscreen on those areas that rarely see the sun. OUCH.

For more information, check out our Nude Beaches in Florida.

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