Haulover Beach Florida

Haulover Beach Florida is considered the
most beautiful beach in Miami.

The north end of this barrier beach is a nudity beach
so go ahead; bare it all and get that all-over tan.

Shocked at nudity

(Did he see me without clothes?)

Haulover Beach Florida is Florida’s only official clothing-optional beach but not to worry if you are not so inclined.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of this beautiful Miami beach is your typical Florida beach and if you don't venture too far north, you won't see anything shocking.

The other twenty-five percent (25%) at the north end is dedicated to Bare-It-All Club. By the way, baring it all is not required here so you may see a couple half bare and half suited up.

So, clothing-challenged or not, haul yourself on over to either the north or south end (your preference) and enjoy this splendid blend of tropical beach greenery, textured brown sand and warm sparkling blue water.

So, how did this place get a name like Haulover?

Here's the answer. Many years ago, this area was all swamp and the residents would have to carry their boats past the swamps to get to the ocean so they would say they had to “haul over” their boats past the swamps to access the ocean.

So, next time you are on Jeopardy and that question comes up...

Great activities to try and nearby attractions in Haulover Beach Florida:

  • Charter a ship for an afternoon or full day if you like at Haulover Marine Center for some drift and bottom fishing.
  • You’re basically in the heart of Miami Beach here, so there are a lot of fun things to do around, such as the Art Deco District (in South Beach) where you can enjoy 80 blocks of historical buildings that are brimming with character and beauty. Enjoy walking around, shopping and catching a bite to eat.
  • Shop with the stars in nearby South Beach to get the latest styles before all of your friends! After you take it all off at the beach, you can enjoy putting it back on in the decadent stores here.

Kids of most ages: A visit to the Miami Seaquarium guarantees an afternoon of fun checking out sharks and killer whales as well as other ocean wildlife in the 235,000 gallon aquarium that is housed here.

Eating: There are countless places to choose from. For great ambience and food as well, check out "Wish" and wish them to whip up your favorite dish for you.

Enjoy some Asian creations at Sushi Siam.

Sleeping: A stay in the Cadet Hotel in Miami Beach is conveniently located near the beach, food and shopping and is comfortable and cozy.

For a more upscale beachfront stay, try the Grand Beach Hotel.

Come on down; bare it all or not, Haulover Beach is not to be missed.

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