Indian Harbour Beach

Indian Harbour Beach: Looking to decompress? Come here. Then visit and learn about Xeriscapes and enjoy the Brevard Museum of Art and Science. Then, when you are feeling especially lucky, make a trip to nearby Melbourne Greyhound Park.

Indian Harbour Beach xersicape

This is an example of an xeriscape described below but not
the one in Indian Harbour Beach. Hopefully, one of
you will send me a pix to replace this one. Please....

This beach is the epitome of resilience. It’s been damaged by horrendous storms and yet, bounces right back to gorgeous every time.

So what should you expect to see on
your visit to Indian Harbour Beach?

You will discover a calm, peaceful and quaint little town where blue skies top off clear blue water with a mile of tan sand to relax on.

Enjoy the quiet relaxation that the beach offers and take a stroll over to one of the cozy eateries or restaurants to top off a perfect day!

Great activities and attractions to try in and around Indian Harbour:
  • Probably the most popular attraction here is the Canova Beach Park that offers 12.4 acres of sandy beach to run and play on, followed by some frolicking in the water.
  • Be sure to visit the unique “xeriscape” garden here.

  • An xeriscape is a landscape where water is scarce and the garden is filled with plants native to the area and selected on their ability to withstand the climatic conditions. In arid USA, cacti and rocks are commonly used.

  • I created a xeriscape in my own yard in an area that didn't get much water but I had never heard of a xeriscape so I didn't do it by design but by necessity. And it worked! It thrived! This one is filled with plants native to this area that contributes to the park’s beauty.
  • Try your luck at gambling on some dog races as the nearby (shown here) Melbourne Greyhound Park.

  • Take a walking tour through the Brevard Museum of Art and Science where you’ll get a glimpse of some fantastic works of art.

Kids of most ages: There’s not much more to do here than splash around, play in the sand and relax. But who could really ask for anything more?

Eating: Check out Valentino’s Italian Restaurant for some casual Italian dining or the down-home cooking at the Scrambled Egg Café.

Sleeping: Retire after a long day of fun in the sun to the Oceanique Resort hotel or the Lexington Hotel on the Island.

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