Key Largo Florida

Key Largo Florida: Its big “claim to fame” is the 1950s classic movie Key Largo starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Can't you just see Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall sitting here, having a glass of wine?

Key Largo beach scene at dusk

Interestingly, the movie wasn’t named after the town but the other way around.

The town’s former name was Rock Harbor but actually changed its name in 1952 so that people were able to associate it with the movie.

Key Largo has one of the biggest and best beaches in the Florida Keys, but that’s only the beginning.

Some of the most incredible coral reef formations in the world are found here in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, the world’s first underwater state park.

Needless to say, snorkeling and scuba diving are extremely popular here and people come from all over the world to experience this incredible Florida state park.

The water is always full of action- from boats enjoying the sun and surf to jet skiers and anglers catching some of Florida’s best fish.

This is definitely an activity-friendly beach and you’ll never run out of things to do at Key Largo Florida.

Great activities to try and nearby attractions:

  • There are tons of snorkeling excursions to choose from but for a good tour for the value, check out Keys Diver Snorkel Tours.

  • Enjoy a magical boat trip of nearby Indian Key Historic Site at Islamorada.

  • At the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center you can see several species of birds up close as they are rehabilitated and restored to their natural selves. Our favorite part? It’s free!

  • In addition to all of the snorkeling and diving excursions, you can also find some great fishing tours in Key Largo. Check out Scales 2 Tales.

Kids of most ages: What better pastime for kids and imaginative adults alike then a dolphin watching trip? Spot some of these friendly creatures in Dolphin’s Cove or take older kids on a ride aboard Dolphins Plus for a ride they won’t soon forget.

Eating: See what all the buzz is about at The Buzzard’s Roost where you can get some of the best oysters you’ve ever had. Or enjoy some family friendly hospitality at Rib Daddy’s Steak & Seafood.

Sleeping: Hotels in Key Largo can be a little expensive at times because it’s such a popular vacation destination.

Find a great value at the relaxing Island Bay Resort or go ahead and splurge a little at Mariner’s Resort Villas & Marina.

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