Treasure Coast's Un-Official Clothing-Optional Treasure

by Bob
(Fort Pierce, FL, USA)

Entrance sign after you get in the driveway

Entrance sign after you get in the driveway

Entrance sign after you get in the driveway Looking North Natural vegatation

Blind Creek Beach is located on the barrier island, south of Fort Pierce on A1A and just north of the famous St. Lucie power plant.

It is marked with the usual spartan brown "Beach Access" sign on the side of the highway and can be difficult to see, on the 55 mph road...

But, once you've found it, be prepared to see a Florida beach that has seen no changes since before Ponce de Leon stepped foot here 500 years ago...

The beach is nearly 5 miles long to the north of the beach access and three miles long to the south of the access, which leads from the parking area...

Since the 2012 storm, Sandy, went through many of the secluded pockets are now gone, but that has created many larger, sandy, flats that are just behind the high point of the dunes.

The beach is patroled by the turtle patrol about once or twice a day (usually first thing in the morning during nesting season.) And the parking lot is patroled by the County Sheriff about every hour.

The best suggestion for sunbathing au natural is to walk at least a quarter mile north of the beach crossover before you begin to scout out a niche to enjoy the sun and make regular checks toward the access for unsuspecting shell seekers who may not care for a triffle eye full...
(BTW: a 1/4 mile is only 440 yards... and the walk is so therapeutic you'll be out of your clothes and on your blanket in no time...)

As an important note:
There are no facilities there (except the parking lot) and as with any other island, if you didn't bring it, it's not there...
Remember too, take only your memories and leave only your footprints when you go...

There is a no pets rule, but service dogs are alway welcome. (There is a sanctioned "dog beach" another two miles South at Walton Rocks Beach... It is secluded, but, it is not "clothing optional...)

You will love it!

Editor's note: Bob, thanks a million. Fabulous advice! I haven't visited this beach but will soon. So many beaches, no little time. Jean

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Apr 04, 2014
Clothing Optional Beach NEW
by: Blind Creek

We are working on just that turning blind creek into a legalized clothing optional beach. We have a great team together to ensure our success to include AANR-Florida, the founders of Haulover beach in Miami and sunnier palms nudist park in Ft Pierce. We are now looking for a core group of local beach goers to help with beach attendance and/or support and/or help create a beach ambassador program. We're going to start having meetings in May 2014 at blind creek. The first meeting will be clothed. Be patient, we'll get there. Please email me at for more information. You could be on the ground floor to help us undress this beach....

Dec 07, 2013
blind creek needs help NEW
by: Anonymous

I was there recently and the only daring people were men ! how can we the people make this an official nude beach?????? how does the beach attract women????? again all I saw were MEN!!!

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