My lab, Truly, on a Florida beach

Truly is a big yellow lab that came into our lives about five years ago and won us over in the first five minutes.

She loves to fetch and we were throwing to her on the sand until she decided to train us to throw her Frisbee into the water.

In the beginning she would catch the Frisbee and bring to us. Then she starting catching the Frisbee and taking it sideways to the water's edge before bringing it back to us.

After a few throws, we got the hint and threw it close to ocean. Then she would catch it and take it into the water before bringing it back.

Finally, her patience prevailed and we caught on. She must have thought we were not too bright but knew we were trainable so she worked with us until she succeeded.

Now we were throwing it into the surf and she seemed to love the challenge. She would jump around, her slim, sleek body twirling into a complete circle while looking for her target.

Truly is a great dog and a delight to all of us.

Not sure which beach in the Panhandle. We had stopped the car to gaze at the beautiful emerald water and Truly got out of the car, surveyed the situation and went back for her Frisbee. She has us trained.

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