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Florida Beach Fans is an 'update journal' to keep you informed of changes on our website. We will be posting events and happenings as we learn about them. Summer is coming and things are happening!

It's our job to bring you the best of Florida and your job to have a vacation you will never forget!

Read through our beach articles and you will find the perfect beach (or beaches) for you and your family.

We are always happy to hear your input so drop in by email or post on our site. If you know of events on or around YOUR Best Florida Beach, let us know and we will post for other readers. See Contact Us.

You can subscribe to Florida Beach Fans (no e-mail address necessary), just right click the orange RSS button and then you can copy and paste the URL (best-florida-beach.org) into your RSS reeder.

The world will come to you with RSS.

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